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Dongguan east's mechanical technology co., LTD

Dongguan east's mechanical technology co., LTD

Specializing in the production of high-speed dispersion machine、Grinding machine、Stainless steel cylinder、Mixing equipment heating reaction、Chemical complete sets of equipment, etc

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159 0769 1580

159 0769 1580

159 0769 1580

159 0769 1580

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Development, production and sales integration,Strong

Development, production and sales integration, strong

It happened2000Duopingmi's modern large factory,Provide professional chemical machinery productsDesign and development、Production and manufacturing

Years of experience in research and development,Professional r&d team,To provideComprehensive technical support

Advanced production lines、Import more power equipment production,Ensure productProduction stability、Are of good quality

Market unique high-end quality

The market is unique high-end quality

Layers of strict quality control,Ensure that the east is mechanical equipment each product quality stability;

Our research and development of machinery and equipment operation more than the product on the marketEasy to learnMore quickly and more accurately can improve the work efficiency!

The product style is complete,And fully stocked,Transportation ability,On the day of the order,On the day of the delivery of the goods

Factory direct sale,The same price the quality is better

Factory direct sales, the same price quality better

ProductsLifelong maintenance,Spare parts supply at any time,At any timeTechnology door-to-door guidance,To save money for you;

ImplementFactory direct sales model,Do not set the middlemen,Reduce the product cost,Direct benefit to the consumer,Set up outlets throughout the country,Achieve the high quality and low price,To offer more end users。

24Hours of free consultation,Make services more intimate

Make the service more intimate

Around the clockTechnical consultation、After-sales serviceA quick response,Let you at ease;

Professional after-sales24Hours online,At any time to help you solve the problem;

Professional technical team to analyze problems,The complete products of the company,A station to solve all your doubts,Let you more convenient more comfortable!

159 0769 1580

159 0769 1580

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Dongguan east's mechanical technology co., LTD

       Dongguan east's mechanical technology co., LTD. Is located in dongguan city along the east coast of the pearl river mouth,Provide professional chemical machinery product design and development、
Production and manufacturing。
The main products:FSeries of high-speed dispersion machine SSeries three roll grinding machine SWSeries of horizontal sand mill  Laboratory with dispersion machine The laboratory
With three roll grinding machine Stainless steel tanks Double barrel Heating barrel Stainless steel mixing barrel The reaction kettle uvLight machine Industrial cabinet ovens Lift platform
Chemical equipment and sealing pliers,Dump car,Scattered stainless steel plate and other non-standard equipment ,The company has experienced engineering designer
Member、With strong technical force of production and sales personnel,Producing more can meet customer's requirement。
Today the east machinery factory staff pursues“And progress Strives for realism Rigorous Unity”The guidelines,Constantly blaze new trails,With technology as the core、
Depending on the quality of life

For details

The corrosion of high-speed dispersion machine main reason is divided into two categories

To deal with the problem of high-speed dispersion machine anti-corrosion we think:Looking for new materials is the key。Along with the advance of technology and process,There will be more and more new materials are created using。...

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